bound together

i don’t know if this is the case in other families with a lot of dogs but we seem to be a very tight knit family…pretty much on top of each other 24/7.  there’s a few who like their own space; fletcher, phineus, indi and jewel; but for the most part whether we like it or not we’re in very close proximity to each other at all times. 

generally i’m a fan of this family dynamic but there are times when trying to accomplish certain things it can become cumbersome.  the dogs generally do not easily acquiesce when we try to do something without them – if that something takes place outside forget about it.  unfortunately there are certain outside projects that are not dog-friendly, ie anything involving axes and chainsaws, and at those times we need to play hardball in an effort to keep all heads and appendages intact.

when projects don’t include the potential for loss of life or limb we pretty much just deal with everyone being involved.  last weekend was a great example of this – here’s a scene capture from the painting of a hallway:

here's a close-up of the ridiculousness that is benny:

our walls generally include some hair and our dogs generally include some paint but hey we’re all together, right?  if you can’t beat ‘em (and we clearly can’t) join ‘em. 

everyone else is living like this, right?  right???

spreading the love

jack has been with us almost 3 weeks now and i’m certain a gemologist would certify him a complete and total gem.  his physical condition is getting better – the mange is slowly but surely improving and the ear infections are pretty much gone -  he’s got a lot of free time now that he’s not scratching full-time.  his personality is emerging more and more each day and he is definitely less fearful.  he is incredibly sweet and playful…just an all-around magical little butters.

estelle has fallen in love with him, although i’m not entirely sure that’s good on all fronts.  estelle is a total joy but she’s also incredibly energetic and pretty rough.  i'd like to say her lack of sight and hearing are to blame for the roughness but i think it’s mostly that she’s got asshole in her.  for the most part jack seems pretty taken with her but he doesn’t always know what to do with her.  she seems to be learning to move to slater or odin when she really wants to beat the bejinkles out of someone and leave jack for more controlled play.  it will be interesting to see how this plays out…

tbt - sage edition

the first known picture of sage (why she's in a recycling bin i don't know but yay for me for recycling in 1992)...

tbt sage.jpg

i adopted sage in the fall of 1992.  kody and i had spent 4 years together, i was out of college and my life was more settled so i decided it was time for kody to have a sibling.  

her vital stats:

  • her story:  one saturday i went to the newark humane society and there was one litter of puppies, probably cocker mixes, and i picked sage out immediately.  a very short time after adopting her she broke with distemper which mainly manifested in a neurologic tic in one of her back legs.  i went to several vets before i found one who didn’t tell me to put her to sleep.  unfortunately no treatments were effective in stopping the tic but other than that and her teeth being damaged she had no other ramifications from the distemper and lived a long, goofy and maniacal life.
  • her nicknames:  ms. s (for whatever reason) was her most oft used moniker.  i can only guess the formality was to somehow distill her completely informal and imp-like nature. 
  • her nemesis:  sage had two things she disliked with a vengeance; cans of pledge and garcia.  her relationship with pledge was totally my fault – when she was a puppy i dropped a can right in front of her and it scared her so badly that for the rest of her life that orange can was the devil incarnate to her.  her relationship with gar was of their own making…they just did not ever see eye to eye (actually sage’s eye often saw the inside of gar’s mouth). 
  • her loves:  of course i have to mention myself, dave and kody but beyond us sage had a barney-like plastic toy that i bought her when she was a puppy and she loved that thing her entire life.  to this day i have not had the heart to get rid of it…
  • little known fact:  when dave and i got married in 1994 our wedding present from my parents was them paying the vet bill for sage’s leg amputation.  the tic was constant and her muscle had completely atrophied so the leg was really just dead weight for her – once it was removed she was unstoppable.  we made an odd family at that time – two dogs both with 3 legs (i realize that statement is a bit insane as we’re certainly not an un-odd family now).

we’ve had some quirky dogs in our life but out of all them i think sage will go down in infamy as the strangest bird ever.  she was delightfully goofy and loving but also could be a loose cannon and none of the other dogs really knew what she was capable of.  maybe that’s a cocker thing – sometimes zig reminds me so much of sage i think she’s been reincarnated.    

this is my very favorite picture of kody & sage taken shortly before we lost sage at age 10...

Kody & Sage.jpg


several weeks ago in the midst of one of my “find a best friend” frenzies i was searching wire-haired terriers on petfinder when i was completely taken by this guy...


i contacted the west memphis animal shelter where he was and learned he had been there for 3 weeks after having been seized from a meth house.  his 10-day hold had ended and his owners <fortunately> hadn’t returned to claim him.  i filled out the necessary paperwork which was, believe it or not, approved and we made arrangements to pick “jack” up.  from the picture it was hard to tell what he was other than some sort of terrier mix (to me at least) but when the shelter updated his petfinder profile with this pic…


it became abundantly clear.  i texted dave the photo and got this response:  “congratulations – you got you a jack russell.”  i have no idea why it didn’t occur to me (especially since his name was jack) - to be honest since having wilson i have always said i would never have another jack russell.  there really is no reason for that statement other than wilson is a complete bugger (more in his earlier years) and to me he’s a “good” jrt.  having said that i love me some terriers and i have always said you get what you put in - terriers of all shapes and sizes are usually very large buttheads but for every buttheaded thing they do there is generally an absolute inverse action that makes you completely adore them.  this is really just an aside to explain that i now find myself sitting here with two jrts at my feet.

but i digress - back to the story at hand.  about two weeks ago dave & i made the 3 hour drive to pick the little man up.  i knew he was cute but holy bejinkles i was not at all prepared for just how ridiculously adorable he actually is…

could you die????

could you die????

i can only guess from his actions that he was not treated great in the house of meth.  hands coming at him freak him out, noises freak him out and don’t even think about trying to kiss him but his introductions to the dogs went seamlessly and he settled in quickly.  currently he's a mange-covered, itchy mess but we're getting him squared away on that front.  he’s making strides every day – he’s much less fearful, seems much more comfortable and without a doubt will be an amazing addition to our family.  estelle is campaigning to be his first friend and while she’s a little much for him he’s learning to appreciate her.  he frustrates me a bit because he comes running up to me like i’m the shit, wagging his tail and shaking his butt but then i reach my hand out to pet him and he flinches and backs up.  i will say his flinching is accompanied by a little less backing up every day and i have succeeded in planting a few kisses on him.  i would venture to say that within a few weeks we’ll have a full-on terrier on our hands…and i welcome that with open arms – i’m already hopelessly in love with the little man and i'm certain he's going to be a character and a half.  welcome jack*!

photo 4.JPG

*while jack would not be my choice of names, he knows it so we've decided to keep it - he's most often referred to as "butters" anyway.