the descent

about 6-8 weeks ago wilson seemed to plunge into complete confusion and old age overnight.  he was no longer able to get around the house on his own, when we called to him he clearly heard it but always moved in the opposite direction and he kept circling and running into walls.  because of his total blindness running into things and not always knowing where he is can be commonplace but this was extreme and very sudden.  wil spent many years on prednisone due to his immune mediated disease so my concern was he was in liver failure.  

surprisingly his blood work was perfect and that of a younger man.  with the absence of any symptoms other than the confusion and the perfect blood work our vet diagnosed dementia and prescribed several supplements.  after trying the supplements to no avail we were suddenly looking at a quality of life issue.  it was frighteningly looking like the wiz was not long for our world.  from the first minute we met him when he popped out of his carrier like a little champ, pneumonia and all, he’s been such a trooper with everything he’s been through that i really couldn’t stomach keeping him alive in the condition he was in

knowing that frankincense is helpful with brain function i figured it couldn’t hurt  to add some to his regimen.  would you believe that after two days wil started improving?  we’ve been giving him one drop twice a day for about 3-4 weeks now and darnit if he’s not totally back to normal…if not even better than that.  i am beyond grateful to have our wiz back to his amazing, pugilistic little self. 


dave and i are always looking to combine holistic treatments in combination with traditional medicine with both ourselves and our animals and this is just the latest proof that this is the correct path for us.  have you had similar experiences with eastern medicine?

and hey frankincense – they don’t call you the king of oils for nothing!


so i don't usually write about earthdog-related things here (although i'm not sure why since somebody's gotta buy the stuff or these dogs will be eating us for dinner) however on this occasion i can’t contain my excitement so please excuse this small bit of promotion.

i've long been a fan of friendship bracelets - i love the colors, the patterns and the craftsmanship.  after murray died i sewed his id tag on an old bracelet i had made in college and when that one wore out i got a new one and sewed it on that and so on and so on.  at this point i have no idea what number i'm on but since losing murray his tag on a friendship bracelet has had a permanent place on my wrist.  

dave and i are pretty much constantly trying to come up with new collar designs and a few weeks ago it dawned on me that a friendship bracelet pattern would make an awesome collar and so we got to work on it.  when we got the sample trim i was so excited - i think it came out beautiful and i couldn't wait to get it on a dog.  jack seemed the best recipient since: (a) he’s in best friend training and (b) since his arrival he’s been wearing the zander which ronan is also wearing and in this house doubled patterns is a cardinal sin.  the new pattern (the speck) is currently in production and will be on the site and ready to ship by the end of the weekend.  really if anyone in your life deserves a symbol of friendship isn't it your dog?

photo 4.JPG

up next will be a jack update but here's a teaser:  he's fantastic!

bound together

i don’t know if this is the case in other families with a lot of dogs but we seem to be a very tight knit family…pretty much on top of each other 24/7.  there’s a few who like their own space; fletcher, phineus, indi and jewel; but for the most part whether we like it or not we’re in very close proximity to each other at all times. 

generally i’m a fan of this family dynamic but there are times when trying to accomplish certain things it can become cumbersome.  the dogs generally do not easily acquiesce when we try to do something without them – if that something takes place outside forget about it.  unfortunately there are certain outside projects that are not dog-friendly, ie anything involving axes and chainsaws, and at those times we need to play hardball in an effort to keep all heads and appendages intact.

when projects don’t include the potential for loss of life or limb we pretty much just deal with everyone being involved.  last weekend was a great example of this – here’s a scene capture from the painting of a hallway:

here's a close-up of the ridiculousness that is benny:

our walls generally include some hair and our dogs generally include some paint but hey we’re all together, right?  if you can’t beat ‘em (and we clearly can’t) join ‘em. 

everyone else is living like this, right?  right???

spreading the love

jack has been with us almost 3 weeks now and i’m certain a gemologist would certify him a complete and total gem.  his physical condition is getting better – the mange is slowly but surely improving and the ear infections are pretty much gone -  he’s got a lot of free time now that he’s not scratching full-time.  his personality is emerging more and more each day and he is definitely less fearful.  he is incredibly sweet and playful…just an all-around magical little butters.

estelle has fallen in love with him, although i’m not entirely sure that’s good on all fronts.  estelle is a total joy but she’s also incredibly energetic and pretty rough.  i'd like to say her lack of sight and hearing are to blame for the roughness but i think it’s mostly that she’s got asshole in her.  for the most part jack seems pretty taken with her but he doesn’t always know what to do with her.  she seems to be learning to move to slater or odin when she really wants to beat the bejinkles out of someone and leave jack for more controlled play.  it will be interesting to see how this plays out…